My Take On Buying Window Blinds

July 12, 2017

Hey Cupcakes!

I just did a rather brilliant 'Pro' piece for my work blog and thought I'd share it here. I know I promised you something fun and interesting, but Seriously guys, keeping up with life, Lagos rain, work, the new bedding business and two blogs (one that pays me monthly and one that doesn't contribute Shishi to my account) is reeeeally not easy! I wonder how all these people do it!
Sha, I will learn. That's not the gist though.

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The Koko is that I recently got 'consulted' by some clients at work about the kinds of window blinds they should use in their new house. This had me confused. Ah swear, I've never so much as priced blinds in the market. How should I know?

Like a smart Igbo girl, I sounded all professional and told them I would look through our stock for options and put a call across once I find the perfect fit. Nwanne, I ran to do research! Lol

But all that has been sorted out, Mr and Mrs X are both happy with their choice and yadda yadda yadda, but I'm still stuck with this knowledge that I've got zero use for since I'm a curtain typa chick all day any day. And since no knowledge is a waste..... I'm about to share some with you.
Here goes.

"Blinds and shades are an alternative to standard window treatments, such as curtains and drapes. And just like Curtains and Drapes, they make a decorative statement, add privacy to a room when you need it and can even help improve energy efficiency in a room. Just as it is with curtains, there are mistakes we don’t want to make when buying window blinds.  Here are a few tips from the Pro’s to keep you from singing the regret song.

1. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice Let’s talk about the home you live in for a moment. This is the place you’d want to feel most comfortable and relaxed in.  The wisest thing to do is spend money on quality window furnishings in the most visible and lived in parts of the house. This is usually the Living room/Dining area, the Master bedroom and the guest room (for obvious purposes).
 ProTip: Get what you really want in these areas. Remember, most window furnishings will last up to 8 years. We’ve all heard stories of friends who claimed that got a ‘bargain’ only to end up stressed with shoddy work, tardy tradesman and poor quality goods. 

2. Everything has to match.  No, it doesn’t!  When it comes to window furnishings, every room in the house does not have to be the same.  But it can if that’s what you like.  Let me explain.  Just like people have feature walls, people have feature window furnishings.  Some have themed colored rooms, themed textures or casual versus formal areas.

ProTip: You need to make a decision on whether your blinds will be a feature in the room, compliment an existing feature or be a neutral backdrop to complement a stunning view!  Sometimes the blind is the feature, sometimes the room, the view or the furniture is the feature.  All answers are correct!

3.  Choosing Style over Function. Sometimes, you have to choose function first, and then work out the style that suits you. For example, think about how often you use that sliding door. Are you in and out of it all day every day? Then choose something practical. Most window furnishings are fabric and as sturdy as they are, most can only take a certain amount of abuse. 

ProTip: Invest in ‘block-out fabric’ for bedrooms to protect your sleep from early morning sunlight and to keep the room contained when the air conditioner is on.  ‘Block-out drapes” are great for hot western facing windows that heat up the house. Remember, a block-out drape darkens the room.  On a hot day you may not want the house dark or stuffy, so have lightweight summer blinds installed behind the heavier drapes.

4. Clinging To Old Stuff.  That Outdated, stained, mouldy curtain needs to go!  Just because they still work, does not mean they are suitable for your windows.  Everything has a lifespan.  Think of it this way.  If you went to sell your home with curtains like that, what would the new buyer think?  It screams out “neglect” and they start looking for faults in the home.  Like a fresh coat of paint, new blinds add a fresh look to a room for a minimal cost."

What do you think? Yay or Nay.

Stay Stylish ❤❤

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