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May 28, 2015

Sophie David, a Tall Glass Of Me, knowing the lingo, Natural hair journey, Natural hair lingo, Natural hair care, Naturalista, transitioning, big chop, twa, flat twists, twist outs, diy, Sophiestylish, Sophie David-Mbamara, Nigerian bloggers, Nigerian fashion designer, fashion, African Fashion, Ankara fashion,, pride magazine, fashion Illustrators, how to care for natural hair, Sophie, Nigerian designers, @iamsophiedavid Hi! I'm Sophie David and it's my pleasure to meet you.
You must be wondering why my first post on my brand new blog Is a picture of me rocking a cute little TWA, in my messy room, in mile long earrings busy looking gorgeous (I must say). The reason isn't quite far-fetched, believe me.
Firstly, I am a fashion designer. Yep, I've got the blue blood of fashion flowing through my veins. Call me fashion designer, Illustrator, fashion enthusiast, fashion anything! You name it, I'm it.
.... And I've just recently started up my own brand, self named of course.. So watch out!!
That's not all though!
In the midst of all this fash-fabulousness lurks a Beauty Junkie, DIYer and.... Drumroll please.... A Natural hair enthusiast. I just chopped off my hair, Yes I did! and I'm having a swell time discovering so many amazing ways to work my teeny weeny afro into my overall fashion style and life in general. It's been an exciting journey so far and I've got loads of things to share with you and I'mma tell you all I know! 
I guess this tells you that if you are looking for tips on beauty, natural hair care, fashion trends and great DIY's you are in the right place.

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  1. Nice that your new growth? And how long did you carry your new growth before cutting it?

    1. Thanks a lot!
      Yes it is my new growth. I started my transition in July 2014 and I cut my hair for the first time mid January this year. That's about six months. My hair should be longer than this, but I had to trim it last week as the edges were very uneven.


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