Knowing Your Hair Type

May 30, 2015

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Hair typing they say is one of the most misrepresented topics as far as natural hair goes. I say, it only applies to those who actually know what hair typing means. 

For us Naija babes, knowing our hair type doesn't really go beyond the famous "Chisos!! My hair is so stubborn!" And this usually happens within days of the last retouching. 
Now that you have decided to go natural, you must be worried about the type of texture your new growth would be and how you would successfully manage it. I bet you are thinking "Lobaton! It haf be for me!" 

Never fear cupcakes! I've got you on this. 

The first step to growing beautiful lush natural hair like the ones we all see on TV and in magazines, is identifying your hair type. How to do this? Easy. 

Basically, there are 3 types of hair. That is, Hair types 2, 3 and 4. (don't ask about Type 1. Its just too straight to be discussed ) . 

Type 2 (wavy hair) :
This type of hair is usually fine and smooth, quite easy to handle. It comes in different textures though.

2A - this texture has waves like an 'S'. It stays close to the head and doesn't have much bounce to it. Remember that weavon that reigned one time? Avatar? Yup. That's a 2A for you. Actress Emma Stone is one popular type 2A as well.
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Emma Stone 

2B - this is similar to the 2A, but the curls are all over the place -  Mila Kunis style.
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Mila Kunis 

2C - is a thicker, coarse version of both and it spots more curls too. Taylor Swift happens to be a 2C.
Taylor Swift 

Type 3 (curly hair):
This also has different textures as well.

3A -  these curls have a lazy 'S' pattern to them, but they are big, well defined and delightfully springy. Shakira is one 3A I adore.

3B - is also well defined and springy. It's bouncy curls ranges from ringlets to tight corkscrews. Just like Keri Russell's.
Keri Russell 

3C - is quite voluminous. It's either very kinky or very tightly curled. Who wouldn't give a left arm for hair like Rachel True'?
Rachel True 

Type 4 (coily hair) :
Now sister girl, this is the hair type that should catch your attention.

4A - this hair type has a definite curl pattern shaped in an 'S'. It's really tightly packed, and has the coil circumference of a crochet needle. It also retains more moisture than 4B. Solange Knowles is a popular 4A.
Solange Knowles 

4B - is a less defined version of 4A. It's shaped like a 'Z' and is either very tightly coiled, bent or wiry. It sometimes has a cotton-like feel to it and doesn't retain moisture. I happen to be a 4B and I can certainly tell you this; the hair sabi shrink! Crazy I know, but 4B shrinks like 75%of its actual length! Lauryn Hill happens to be a 4B as well.
Lauryn Hill   

4C - This is the kinkiest of all kinkies. It's been described as the more 'challenging' version of 4B. It's very dense, with almost no curl definition. It's curls never clumps, except with specific styling, and it shrinks more than 75% of its actually length. Erykah Badu and Jill Scott are popular 4Cs.
Erykah Badu  

I know my hair type. What is yours?  
My next post is on how to care for the different hair types. Until then cupcakes,
Stay Stylish ❤❤

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