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Hi cupcakes! 

Starting out as a newbie Naturalista might seem like a lot of work. Too many times we encounter particular hair issues we have no clue how to deal with. When we do find solutions, There's just too many things to look up, to learn and digest. 
And the slangs? Down right difficult to understand! 

I decided to put together a list of some of the slangs I've come across so far since my BC. This info really helped me a lot, so I'm certain that it would help you as well. 
The list will grow as my journey continues. 

Stay stylish ❤❤

1st, 2nd and 3rd day hair; this refers to how the hair looks or how well it held up after a few days.

2,3abc,4a, 4b, 4c ; this refers to hair typing  classification system.

ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar. A rinse, Used as hair detox.

Alopecia: this refers to an abnormal hair loss.

APL: armpit length

BAA: Big Ass Afro

BC: big chop. Cutting off all chemically altered hair, in other words, relaxed hair, to allow new growth.

Banding : a styling technique designed to stop hair shrinkage.

Bagging : is an attempt to lock hair moisture by moisturising hair and putting a plastic bag or shower cap or a hoodie on it overnight.

Bendy rollers: another name for flexi rods.

BNC: braid and curl involves rolling the ends of your braids on rods or flexi rods.

BSL: bra strap length

CBL: Collar bone length

CG: curly girl

CL: chin length

Clarifying : process of cleaning out product build up

Co-wash : also known as condition wash. The process of using only conditioner to wash your hair.

Cones: or silicones are ingredients found in hair products that are not water soluble. They require shampoo to be removed.

Detangling: process of removing all tangles, kinks and knots from hair. It is best done when hair is damp or wet.

DIY : Do it yourself

DT: Deep Treatment.  Also known as DC

DC: Deep Conditioning. Leaving some conditioning solution on the hair for a period of time to allow it soak before rinsing off.

Dusting: trimming off less than 1/4 inches of hair.

EO : Essential oils

EL: Ear length

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flat twists : doing a two strand twist like you would do the corn rows.

JBCO : Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Knowing your hair : beeping in tune with your hair.

Leave In conditioner: conditioner that's meant to be left on the hair, without rinsing off.

Low Manipulation : refers to doing very little to the hair. It requires low maintenance and upkeep.

Manipulation : refers to the amount of work and time required to style hair.

Naturalista : refers to another natural.

MBL : mid back length

PJ : Product Junkie

PO : Peppermint oil

Protective styling : any hairstyle that tucks away the ends of the hair from exposure to harsh or damaging agents eggs sun, heat and constant Manipulation.

Regimen : your daily or weekly hair care routine or styling guide.

Sealing : to apply product to the end of the hair in order to keep them moisturised and limit breakage.

SLS : Sodium lautyl sulfate. Is a harsh chemical contained in shampoos which causes dryness in hair.

Transitioning : process of taking steps to stop relaxing hair in order to grow out natural hair.

TWA : teeny weeny afro. About 1/2 inches of hair after BC.

Two strand Twist : a form of styling involving twisting the hair in two strands instead of 3.

Virgin Hair : the natural state of hair from the roots without any chemical alteration.

Wet and go :a styling technique that involves spraying the hair with some water and leave in conditioner so as to define curls and enable easy styling.

WNG : Wash and Go, is a method of Co-washing with addition of styling gel.

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