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May 29, 2015

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I woke up this morning with my lips feeling like it got kissed by harmattan. You know how it gets when harmattan slaps you on the mouth; it's all chapped lips and peeling dried out flesh - all white everything. That's so not the way anyone would want their lips to look. Certainly NOT on a Friday with plans to turn up with bae *wink. 

Here's my quick and easy all natural DIY solution to get rid of chapped lips and slide right in to the Kissdom. It's super easy, tastes divine and it's guaranteed to give you soft kissable Lips in 5 easy steps. The best part is you can find all your tools in the kitchen. 

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You'll need;

1. Raw or organic honey -  I used honey to serve as a moisturiser, but if you don't have it you can always use Vaseline. It works like a charm.

2. All purpose sugar (for exfoliation) - I just used sugar I found in the kitchen.

3. Some tissue paper for cleaning up, your favorite lip gloss or balm and that's it.


1. Apply a thin coat of honey on your lips. Make sure you get all corners.

2. Use your fingers to pat on some sugar over the honey.

3. Scrub your lips with your fingers in a back and forth motion for about 15 seconds. Stretch your smile wide and scrub real good till your lips feel soft and plump. (don't hurt yourself though). 

4. Wipe it all off with some tissue.

5. Put on your favourite gloss or balm and voila! Instant kissable lips!

P. S: if you want to make some for future use, you could always skip steps 1&2 and do a quick mix of sugar and honey in a small clean container. Do not forget to refrigerate.

That was easy, right cupcakes? And bae can also get in on this scoop too. Lol. 
I would love to hear from you. Tell me if it worked. 
Stay Stylish ❤❤

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  1. Guys should do that too right?

  2. Totally. The Lip scrub isn't just limited to just us girls. We also want bae all scrubbed up and kissable!


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