10 Things you should NOT do when your Boyfriend dumps You

August 26, 2015

Love is a fickle thing. I agree. I've been through a whirlpool of relationships, and each time a promising romance crashes, I simple want to die along with it. For the next few days, I sulk with my favorite "down with love" movies, in my pyjamas, munching on a bowl of vanilla strawberry ice-cream from Coldstone.
That's classic.

While I agree that getting dumped is the very Worst thing, there are a few things you simply should NOT do in the event of a break up!
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1. Do NOT throw tantrums on the streets!
What's with that? Just because he left you for some girl you're probably ten times better than is not enough reason for you to put yourself and your frustration on public display! Get your act together boo boo! Being like that is only giving him justification for leaving your ass.

2. Do NOT get yourself all dolled up on a Friday night only to wake up with a stranger in your bed after ten tequila shots. You'll only end up feeling used, dirty and cheap with a killer hangover for your efforts. And it sure won't bring your love back. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

3. Do NOT repeatedly text or call him begging him to take you back. I know your hurting baby girl, but doing that just comes off as being needy. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to make things work, but then, when the door gets slammed in your face one two many times, don't stand out in the streets begging for too long.

4. Do NOT stalk his house, his office and definitely not his mother! Have some pride will you?! It doesn't matter how attached his mom has gotten to you, she can't force her son to take you back if he doesn't want to. Neither will getting thrown out by his office security help your cause. It will only embarrass you and him.

5. Do NOT hide your number to call him just to see if he would pick up, or to hear his voice cos you missed him. That's just childish. But if your sole aim is to annoy him, be my guest *snicker*

6. Do NOT go around like a banshee breaking up his windshield or slashing his tires. If that doesn't spell out C-R-A-Z-Y-B-I-T-C-H, I don't know what else does.

7. Do NOT confront his new chick. That would only make you seem desperate and cheap. Have some class hun!

8. When it's over, say it's over. Do NOT go around pretending to still be dating him when he obviously isn't. Don't fall your hand like that.

9. Do NOT leave the house without putting some makeup on. And please throw on some sexy heels. Treat yourself at a spa. Go dancing. You just broke up, you're not dying.

10. Do NOT forget to have a good cry. It helps.

Stay Stylish ❤❤

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