Fashion Buzz | Who wants a Bucket Bag?

June 17, 2015

Holla cupcakes!
My, my it is a beautiful Wednesday and I am positively bursting with so much energy thanks to my boost of yellow *wink.

Today on my fashion radar, I happened  to come across the very next 'must have item'. Yes, it's by Burberry, and Yes it is called a 'Bucket Bag'.

This all new addition to the Burberry accessories collection fall/winter 2015 is already a huge sensation among the super superstars. It comes in 3 sizes; the bucket bag, the baby bucket bag and can you guess it?  No, not the grandma bucket bag, The baby bucket bagpack!

We all know that the fringe is a huge 'It' trend this season and with the whole revival of the 70s theme still going on, it's no surprise this bag comes wearing hers.

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The bag also features a suede and an animal print version, and can range for as much as $2150 and $2750 per bag.

I know right! Just Hold on to your wigs sisters, it's totally twerkable... If it's cool enough for Naomi Campbell, it's cool enough for us. Right cupcakes?

Stay stylish ❤❤

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