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June 16, 2015

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I've got a confession to make...
I'm in love with Yellow - and I certainly don't mean mtn! 

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but being in my shoes, the girl who was always in yellow house back in primary and secondary schools, it is a big,  big issue. 

We all know Yellow house was always the losing team. I dunno about your school, but in my sweet, sweet alma mata, Alvana, they certainly carried the last position more often than I cared to count during the interhouse sports. It was so bad that I made like Saint Peter and switched to Blue house! It was a ridiculous 
 "Who? Me? Yellow house? Tufiakwa!" situation.  
Coupled with The fact that the normal reaction when you say 'my favourite color is yellow ' was always an 'eeuuwww', it really didn't help matters  at all. It made me feel a bit ashamed of loving that bright and bubbly color. Am sure some of you can relate. 
Nevertheless, here's my confession; I love yellow and here's why.  

1. Yellow is like, the brightest thing there is to the sun. The fact that the sun Is Yellow should tell you something.  
Energy, cupcakes! Ever wondered why blondes have the most fun? Think about it! 

2. Yellow is the best source of positive energy you can find in any color. It's your go to color when you feel down and you need a punch of pizzazz in your life. 

3. Yellow is synonymous to all things fresh, happy, ripe, fun, yummy... Does this Remind you of someone? Yup. Cameron Diaz. There's something about this bright and bubbly star that just screams Yellow!!

4. Yellow is one of those colours that never seem to go out of style. And here's the perk bumpkins, it's got a shade to suit every skin tone. It's such a grand all-rounder.
Sophiestylish.blogspot.com, yellow, yellow dress, why we love yellow, yellow summer dresses
5. It is pure perfection for summer. Try this hunniebunnie. Picture yourself in some lush remote island in the Caribbeans with beautiful blue beaches, lots of greenery, white Sands, sea breeze, yachts in sight, sipping on some pinacolada, wearing a wide brim hat, in your sexy yellow sundress that keeps floating softly in the wind...
Puts you in the mood for date night at the beach with the stars as your roof, doesn't it? 

6. Yellow = Flirty. What better way to say 'Hi, I'm cute, sexy and unattached' at a wedding or an informal event than to turn up in a shade of playful primrose

7. To all those who feel Grey is the only colour that comes in 50 shades, sorry to burst your bubble! My yellow comes in 50 shades +1. In your face, Christian Grey!
Sophiestylish.blogspot.com, yellow, fifty shades of yellow
                          50shades of Yellow                            

Stay Stylish ❤❤

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  1. Very true Sophia yellow is a colour that breaths in life and it has a natural approach it gives to object really incredible colour


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