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June 05, 2015

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Hi cupcakes! 

How has your week been? Hectic? Dry? Fun? Boring? 
Mine has been seriously busy; waking up at six, leaving the house by 8, coming back by heaven knows when - plus still doing all the cooking! 
"All in a days job of being a girl"  says mum. 
Haha. Very funny. 
I'm so glad the weekend is almost upon us. I guess I have earned major rights to scream Thank God It's Friday! 

Speaking of things that are almost upon us, it's that time of the year when shoes spoil the most, cars break down and umbrellas become a necessary accessory.
Yes Loves, the rains are here.

Rainy days aren't really anyone's favourite, except all you want to do is cuddle up with your duvet. It restricts movement, causes massive traffic jams, leaves you feeling all depressed, gloomy and cold. Plus the everlasting challenge of deciding what to wear... *sigh*

You are probably in that department right now, trying to figure out how to remain stylish despite the weather. Some of us are already thinking of stowing away our crop tops till December. Lol. That won't be necessary hunnie. I'm here to give you tips on keeping in style with the rains. Crop top and all *wink*

First of...

Get on the colour train:
You know you don't necessarily have to  wear dark colours right? Forget the theory about dark colours and their ability to retain heat. It works, yes. But there's no limit to being fashionable. Style, I say, is as you make it.
Spice up the season by adding bright, fun colours to your wardrobe. Red, orange, fushia pink.... Don't be shy, get bold. Make like Rihanna and pop, pop, pop!

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Turtlenecks are so In ;
Yep. What better way to fight off the cold and still look chic doing it? I especially love the black turtleneck crop top. It's just perfect for the season! You can dress it up or down, pair with a jacket, or throw on some chunky jewellery for an edgy look.
The best part is, you can never go wrong in black. Just ask RiRi.
Black turtleneck crop top, turtleneck, crop top, Rihanna in black turtleneck crop top, Rihanna in crop top, Sophie David-Mbamara, Sophie David, Sophiestylish, fashion trends, I'm style with the rains

Jewellery, gold choker, choker, pearls, necklace made of safety pins, safety pins, in style with the rains, Sophiestylish, Sophie David-Mbamara, Sophie David
Try this beauty for size! 

Invest in the Cape Jacket ;
This jacket is a must have Ladies. It's super comfy, very chic and can be worn wherever and whenever. I'm serious. It can be dressed up with a pair of sleek pants or skirt on the job, paired with jeans for a casual look or worn with a dress for date night. It's one look that can take you from day to night in flash.
If you don't own a cape jacket by now, you better make like Cookie Lyon and get yours! (I sha hope you've seen Empire. That movie rocks).

Cape jacket, Cape, while turtleneck dress, leather, sexy shoes, envelope purse, sexy black girl, cream dress, Sophie David-Mbamara, Sophiestylish, Sophie David

V-neck Cardigan... *Drool*
There's nothing sexier than a Tall, (dark), good looking hot blooded male in a V-neck Cardigan. Just take a look at Pharrel!
I know it's not Christmas or valentines yet ladies, but do your man (and me) a favour and buy him a Cardigan. It's such a turn on.... *double drool* LolPharrel Williams, sexy hot male, sexy black men, v neck Cardigan, male celebrity, trench coat, made of black, Sophie David, Sophiestylish, Sophie David-Mbamara

Pamper your shoes;
Kate Spade New York 
It's in with rubber soles and out with the suede shoes this season. I'm sure you wouldn't want your very expensive favourite shoes getting ruined by rain. The best way to avoid this, apart from sidestepping puddles is by investing in some rubber soles. They come in different varieties and are fun and comfy.
Valentino rockstud gladiator 

Try the faux locs ;
Every girl wants great hair. That's a no brainer. Every girl also wants hair that is up and go. Low maintenance. How to kill two birds with one stone? Try the faux locs. It's all the rave this season, little wonder too, as it's unisex, super fresh and tres chic. To all the bold beautiful ladies (and gents) who aren't afraid to walk on the edgier side, this one's you.

Get an umbrella ... Duh!!!
Should I be talking about this? Really? I think not.

Do share your favourite style secrets for the rainy season. We all would love to learn. 
Stay stylish ❤❤

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